We would like to consider ourselves “high-honors”… :)

Hey All!

Guess what…?

Premier Catering and Event Planning recieved notification today that we have been given an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau!

We are a bunch of proud cookies around here….speaking of cookie….what’s in the oven?….mmmm! ;)


Guacamole anyone?

How about this fabulous idea to spark the creativity of your next event, or wedding…

Having heard much about Minneapolis’ newer Mexican restaurant, Rosa Mexicano – a new idea has popped into our heads! We love it when that happens :)

No matter what the theme of your event, add the intriguing “Guacamole Made-on-site”! Our Chefs will go around from table to table creating fresh guacamole for your guests – custom spice levels and all!


Would you prefer to do this as an Hors d’Oeuvres option during a cocktail hour? No problem! Our Chef(s) can be stationary for your guests to watch as they create the “Guac”, then fill individual portions of Guacamole for your guests to take as they mingle…with fresh chips of your choice spread throughout the room for VERY easy access – of course!

We look forward to doing this! In fact, we love the idea so much that we are going to offer the first person to show interest in this (and book the event with us) will receive 40% off the “Guacamole On-Site” package! …side note…it is an inexpensive option to start with…  :)

Let’s do this!

-The Premier Crew :) 

Too Cute, New Ideas!

The Premier Crew loves new ideas, no wonder we chat about food all day, we call it brainstorming (with tastebuds leading the way) Who’s in for some fresh, creative ideas on the plan for their upcoming event? We are always eager to create our newest ideas and findings…no wonder we have such a wide range of options!


Shepards Pie Puffs

BLT Crackers

Salad on-A-stick

Burger Spears

Sweet Corn Arepas 


TOO cute!


Contact us today to create your fresh and unique menu! We are ready and waiting so, hurry up…would ya?

-Courtney & the Premier Crew


photos : brides.com

FIVE Event Center Open House!

Premier Catering and EP is blessed to be on the Preferred Catering List of many of the most amazing Venues in Minneapolis and the surrounding area! Currently, one of our venues has a open house event coming up this month that is a “must-share”!

Raise your hand if you love FIVE Event Center <we raise our hands!>  So, we are very excited about their open house on March 29th. As one of FIVE’s few chosen preferred caterers in the metro area, Premier Catering and EP is proud to represent this venue as one of their “Amazing Vendors” that evening! We will be there dishing out a variety of our goodies…can’t pass that up ;)

Feel free to join the FIVE experience on March 29th – When you arrive don’t forget, of course…find the Premier crew and say hello – and eat!

Hope to see you there!

-Courtney & the Premier Crew :)

Graduation Party Catering and Planning!

It’s Graduation party planning time!

Make your Graduation Party Unique, Premier Catering and Event Planning makes it easy!

We are offering excellent specials on Graduation Party Catering!

  • BBQ (Grill on-site if desired)
  • Belgium Waffle Bar
  • Omelet Bar
  • Taco / Fajita Bar
  • Slider Bar
  • Hot Dog Bar
  • Pasta Bar
  • Interactive Stations (On-site Stir-fry, Pick your Pasta, Pizza, and many more!)
  • Deli Trays / Sandwiches
  • Custom Desserts
  • Fresh Fruit Station
  • Chocolate Fountain
  • Minnesota Classics (Mac&Cheese, Hot Dish)
  • Mashed Potato Bar
  • Meat Carving On-Site

…and MANY more!



Tent Options:

Package A:

20×20 Pole Tent (Staked)  $460.00 + Tax & Delivery

Package A1:

20×20 Frame Tent (Staked or Weighted)  $480.00 + Tax & Delivery

Package A & A1 Includes: (4) 60″ Round Tables, (32) Plastic Stacking Chairs, (2) 8’x30″ Banquet Tables,

Polyester Linens (Any Color) for all tables.


Package B:

20×30 Pole Tent (Staked)  $620.00 + Tax & Delivery

Package B1:

20×30 Frame Tent (Staked or Weighted)  $670 + Tax & Delivery

Package B & B1 Includes: (4) 60″ Round Tables, (48) Plastic Stacking Chairs, (2) 8’x30″ Banquet Tables,

Polyester Linens (Any Color) for all tables.


Package C:

20×40 Pole Tent (Staked)  $770.00 + Tax & Delivery

Package C1:

20×40 Frame Tent (Staked or Weighted)  $850.00 + Tax & Delivery

Package C & C1 Includes: (8) 60″ Round Tables, (64) Plastic Stacking Chairs, (2) 8’x30″ Banquet Tables,

Polyester Linens (Any Color) for all tables.

Various Tent Color Options available.

             Frame Tent 20×30 Red & White                                                                                                      Pole Tent 20×30 White




Contact us for your custom quote today! 763.230.7620    info@premierkitcheninc.com


10% Referral Discount Offered!

Semple Mansion Catering!


We can proudly say we have been invited to join the Semple Mansion preferred catering list, of course – we said YES!

What a beautiful place to cater, we are excited to begin working with more Semple brides, grooms, and families!

Semple Mansion

Uptown, Minneapolis

Spread the word!


Holiday Parties!


How excited are we that the Holiday Season is finally here!? …the festive music will begin in the kitchen any day now!

As our succesful and VERY busy wedding season is wrapping up around here at Premier Catering and Event Planning the hot topic has quickly become Holiday Party Catering! YUM!

We have come up with many idea’s and extremely tasty menus to enhance any Holiday party this year!

Whether it be social, or corporate – we can provide the goods :)


Contact us anytime! We can create a specific menu based on your needs and desires, or talk about ideas and possibilities!


Don’t miss out on this Holiday Party Catering…




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